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Spoiler Free Book Review

Designer: Lauren Weisberger

Release Season: April 22, 2003

Thread count: 401 pages

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Chick-Lit

Textiles Themes: Capitalism, Leadership, Beauty Is Pain

My Rating: ★★★.5☆☆

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Short Story Sunday

The Story of an Hour: An Hour of A Woman’s Freedom

Freedom is being told, as a woman, that your husband is dead. You may have a fragile heart that any bad news could risk your health, but these bad news turn into good news. The power of given the chance at freedom is noticing the delicious breath of rain in the air. Or the patches of blue skies as the coursing blood relaxes every inch of your body. But then in an instant, the moment of freedom is taken away when your husband walks into that door, shattering your dreams.

The short story of The Story of An Hour, tells that story of a woman being told that her husband is dead and by a twist, her husband comes walking in the door very much alive. Written by feminist fiction writer, Kate Chopin writes this 10-minute read about the joy of being independent in an oppressive marriage.

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Before You Read This Short Story Keep These Two Questions In Mind:

How happy is the protagonist in her marriage?

From what does she actually die from in the end?


As stated in the beginning of the story, knowing that Mrs. Mallard has a sensitive heart, she is treated with care. Her sister kindly tells her about her husband’s death.

In the short story, it is said that her husband does care for her, but is it enough? When she is given these news she was shocked and disappointed. She wept with “wild abandonment,” and when the storm of grief had spent it’s time, she is left alone.

When Mrs. Mallard is left alone, she looks out the window and looks at the sky, smells the air, and starts to appreciate Mother Nature. This look onto the view of her window represents the look out to the opportunity and hope. Looking out the window symbolizes hope, and in this context, as a woman during this time period, Mrs. Millard starts to notice that hope of being free.

Mrs. Millard recognizes the freedom and whispers, “free, free, free!” She would live for her herself and even though she loved her husband, sometimes, love became an unsolved mystery. Mrs. Millard recognized freedom as the self as the strongest impulse of her being.

Until, shortly after Mrs. Mallard went down the stairs along with her sister, Brently Mallard was entering catting his grip-sack and umbrella. He was far away from the scene of the accident, and didn’t even know there was one.

Then, Mrs. Mallard died at the sight of her husband at the door. An hour of freedom, shattered, and killing her at her chance of freedom. Almost as if Mrs. Mallard died at the dream of freedom being taken away from her.

When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease–of the joy that kills.  

The Joy That Kills

When the doctors said that she died of the joy that kills, what do you think that means?

The joy that kills could be the feminism movement. At the time that this was written, the feminist movement was a radical idea of giving women the rights as a man. It’s the idea of feminism that kills all the joy within that idea given that many men didn’t see the importance of giving women rights.

Mothers Day

Although the character in this short story isn’t a mother, I believe it’s important to talk about the dominance of men in relation to gender roles. In this short story, Mrs. Mallard is restrained for her independece and when she’s given it, she’s happy and starts to see the great things in life.

This mothers day, it’s important to talk about the ideas of feminism and how mothers are a product of this idea. If no mother is given the same rights as the father, then action must be taken. Mothers should never be stripped away from their chance at happiness.

Happy mothers day to all the mothers in the world. Another great Mothers Day short story is The Aged Mother, a Japanese folktale about an aged mother, saved by her son in a dystopian world where all old folks are ordered to be murdered.

Pop Culture

Here’s What We Know About Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer So Far

May 4th will forever be a day in history of being the day that 2020 was saved. On this day, we found out about the next installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, a book we thought that would never see the light of day.

Here’s a full list of facts of what we know about the book so far: (as time passes, I will keep updating the blog post so keep this page on your bookmarks if you wanna be updated on the latest information for Midnight Sun) Updated: Monday, May 11: #9 controversy. The controversy surrounding the twilight saga is 100% warranted. This one of the many reasons of why I don’t like the Twilight saga as much as I use to, but it’s important to bring these issues to light and not divert away from them.

  1. This book will be published on August 4th, 2020. (Confirmed by the publisher)
  2. The book will be 672 pages long. That’s longer than Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. (Confirmed by the publisher)
  3. This book will be told from the perspective of Edward. In this book we will read more about his personal life, and history. In short: This will be the book of twilight, but told in Edward’s perspective. From the summary given by the author, it suggest that we will read more about
  4. This book is going to be a modern text of Greek mythology’s Hades and Persephone epic.
  5. The book will different than the original leaked manuscript. That’s just a given. The publishers will make sure they change Midnight Sun so that they can get readers to purchase the book.
  6. It’s being marketed as a prequel to the Twilight series. On Good Morning America, the news anchor called it as a prequel to the series. Maybe we will learn more about the Cullens prior to Bella.
  7. The publisher’s first round of printing will be 750,000 copies in hardcover and large print.
  8. As of now, there is no word whether this going to be series or just a stand alone book.
  9. Following the announcement of Midnight Sun, the twilight saga was brought into light about racist and misogynistic tropes within the novel. Controversy sparked on Meyer’s portrayal of Native American culture and her non-diverse characters.


Favorite Memes:

As of right now, this is the book cover that they are going with. I believe this book is so odd and weird, but it does the job of capturing your attention. The cover also has to do with Greek mythology’s Hades and Persephon, the story that’s inspired Midnight Sun.

This is also one of the books in which I don’t care about the book cover looks like, I just NEED to have this book in my hands.

What Readers Are Hoping To Get Out of The Book

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What are you most excited about the book? Let me know down in the comment section down below!

book review

Along Came a Spider: A Good Story But A Tough Read | Book Review

Spoiler Free

Author: James Patterson
Release Date: February 1993
Page count: 464
Genres: Murder Mystery, Thriller
Themes: Trust, Sociopaths
My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Where To Buy This Book:


In the first book of Alex Cross mystery series, Alex is a homicide detective with a PhD in Psychology given the case of finding the whereabouts of two kids who were kidnapped by a teacher from their private school, and not the case about a family of three who were murdered in their apartment in the ghettos of Washington D.C. In this book you follow the acts of a sociopath who kills to be remembered, and get inside the mind of Alex Cross as he desperately wants to solve the case. Full of action, this book may be predictable, but still fresh in it’s story.

Synopsis by the publisher

Discover the classic thriller that launched the #1 detective series of the past twenty-five years, now one of PBS’s “100 Great American Reads”

Alex Cross is a homicide detective with a Ph.D. in psychology. He works and lives in the ghettos of D. C. and looks like Muhammad Ali in his prime. He’s a tough guy from a tough part of town who wears Harris Tweed jackets and likes to relax by banging out Gershwin tunes on his baby grand piano. But he also has two adorable kids of his own, and they are his own special vulnerabilities.

Jezzie Flanagan is the first woman ever to hold the highly sensitive job as supervisor of the Secret Service in Washington. Blond, mysterious, seductive, she’s got an outer shell that’s as tough as it is beautiful. She rides her black BMW motorcycle at speeds of no less than 100 mph. What is she running from? What is her secret?

Alex Cross and Jezzie Flanagan are about to have a forbidden love affair-at the worst possible time for both of them. Because Gary Soneji, who wants to commit the “crime of the century,” is playing at the top of his game. Soneji has outsmarted the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police. Who will be his next victim?

Gary Soneji is every parent’s worst nightmare. He has become Alex Cross’s nightmare. And now, reader, he’s about to become yours.

Spoilers without context

Do I recommend this book?

I recommend this book for readers who are in the mood for a murder mystery with blood and a psychotic sociopath antagonist. James Patterson’s writing style is known for being colloquial without the adjectives and descriptions, with short chapters, full of action and dialogue, but no character development.

If you’ve read James Patterson, this is just another James Patterson book. This is my fourth James Patterson book and it seems like every book of his has a pattern. Murder, a detective who looks for the murders, the detective hook-ups with their partner, and they solve the case. 

If you want to read a murder mystery with distinct characters, a plot line, and rich descriptions, you are not going to get that in this book. The main character has little to no character development, and as a seasoned reader, this book could be predictable at times. In my opinion, there are better murder mysteries out there in the world.

Things to consider before you choose to read the book:

  1. There is explicit language such as sex scenes, graphic scenes with blood, and curse words. 
  2. The antagonist in this book is literally insane. He would kill anybody in it’s way no matter their sex, gender, or race As a reader, I felt like there were times when James Patterson was trying to humanize the murder. You decide whether that’s a good or bad thing. 
  3. This book is a bit long. Despite the fact that it’s fast pace with short chapters, the story may seem like it’s dragged along.
  4. The main character, Alex Cross, is black and there are critiques of readers and critics who question the portrayal of Alex Cross. For me, it did feel like I was reading another white guy and the only moments when I was reminded that Alex Cross was black was when he was in his neighborhood in D.C., because James Patterson explicitly writes about his black neighborhood, or when James Patterson made it clear to remind the reader that he was black in one form or another. 

Favorite Quotes:

It’s all right to put the weight of the world on your shoulders sometimes, if you know how to take it off. 

All of us shrinks talk about VFC when we get together. Very fucking crazy, Gerry.” 

Follow the next page for an in-depth, spoiler book review. Beware for spoilers!!!

Book Club

May’s Book Club Pick: Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Genre: Humor, memoir, autobiography
Page Count: 214
Release Date: October 15, 2019

I’m so excited to announce this book as May’s book club pick! For the past four months, I’ve chosen classics and this month, I decided to spice things up. I wanted to choose a book that will make you literally laugh out loud, and just laugh away the pain. Perfect for a great laugh, just before Mother’s Day, this book is a series of stories that Ali Wong had to encounter as a comedian, writing it all her daughters. I hope everyone can join along and read this book with me. After all, laughing is the best medicine.

Where To Buy This Book:

If you are currrently unemployed or underemployed and cannot afford to read this book, email me at and I could offer you tips on how to get your hands on this book.


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Ali Wong’s heartfelt and hilarious letters to her daughters (the two she put to work while they were still in utero) cover everything they need to know in life, like the unpleasant details of dating, how to be a working mom in a male-dominated profession, and how she trapped their dad.

“Fierce, feminist, and packed with funny anecdotes.”—Entertainment Weekly

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Time • Variety • Chicago Tribune • Glamour • New York

In her hit Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra, an eight-month pregnant Ali Wong resonated so strongly that she even became a popular Halloween costume. Wong told the world her remarkably unfiltered thoughts on marriage, sex, Asian culture, working women, and why you never see new mom comics on stage but you sure see plenty of new dads.

The sharp insights and humor are even more personal in this completely original collection. She shares the wisdom she’s learned from a life in comedy and reveals stories from her life off stage, including the brutal single life in New York (i.e. the inevitable confrontation with erectile dysfunction), reconnecting with her roots (and drinking snake blood) in Vietnam, tales of being a wild child growing up in San Francisco, and parenting war stories. Though addressed to her daughters, Ali Wong’s letters are absurdly funny, surprisingly moving, and enlightening (and gross) for all.

How To Join Our Book Club:

Throughout the month, I will be posting a series of blog posts that correlate to our book club pick.

There is no reading schedule, or obligations. All you have to do to join is buy the book and read along with us!


This book is intended for readers 18+. Ali Wong’s comedy is known for being crude and speaking about sexual activities without any shame. That’s part of what make Ali Wong so funny, and that’s because she has no filter.

Watch Ali Wong’s Stand-Up

If you want to familiarize yourself with Ali Wong, she has two stand up specials on Netflix.

Or you can watch the series of YouTube Videos.