Welcome to my very own book blog! I created this blog to create a space to write about my passion: books. I love reading, analyzing, and writing books. I created this blog to inspire you. To inspire you to read everyday and enhance your life.

Books are made to make you feel. To make you feel emotions such as the rage, the sadness, and the happiness of characters.

Who Am I?

I’m Daniel! I’m the recipient of Bachelor of the Arts degree in English from University of California, Riverside. I currently live in sunny San Diego and when I’m not caught in between the pages of a good book I’m hiking the scary woods, jogging by the busy streets or inside the gym, and watching The Office.

Why reading litty? What does “litty” even mean?

Litty is the adverb of being lit. As stated on Urban Dictionary, Lit is, “The state of being so intoxicated (regardless of the intoxicatingagent) that all the person can do is smile.” Litty is a form of expression that brings extreme satisfaction, coolness, and dopeness! So reading litty is the action of reading, sober or not, while smiling and having fun because reading should be fun! My blog’s mission is to introduce how fun reading really is. Inspired book reviewers or blogs, I created this blog to create a safe space to talk about the books that inspire our lives, that are creating controversy, and that speak about topics that need to brought into light.

What to Expect from this Blog

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