10 Books To Get You In The Halloween Season

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays of all time. It’s the only holiday where we express ourselves by pretending to be someone else. It’s also a holiday where we celebrate the stories that inspire us everyday. We dress up as characters from movies, shows, comics, and most importantly, books! Many people dress up every year as The Creature from Frankenstein, Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series, Ponyboy from The Outsiders, Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, and much much more.

These are books that you should read while you wait in line for you Halloween costume, while you are at the doctor’s office in case you faint from horror, you’ll be saved immediately, while at a pumpkin patch, and most importantly while you are putting your children asleep. Without much Delay, here are 15 books, in no particular order, that will make you feel right in home just in time for the halloween season.

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