What’s to Come on This Blog

Updating a blog is hard. But updating a book blog while navigating life, is even harder. Although, that is not the reason why I’m writing this blog post at 12AM. Rather than giving you bullish*t reasons why I haven’t updated this blog in the past couple months, moving forward, I’m going to commit my time to this blog.

The reason why I started this blog is to share my love of reading books to others. I truly believe you aren’t enjoying life if you aren’t reading books. Books are like time capsules. They explain the past, aide the present, and inspire the future. (Yes, I created that line so if you are going to steal that quote, give me credit!) My main mission for this blog is to make you think, and get people to read more, or if you’re a bookworm, read more of my recommendations! We live in a digital era where most of stories that are shared, are shared mostly through shows and movies. I want people to realize that books are what inspire the digital era that we live in. Screenwriters and television producers are constantly getting their ideas from books.

The reason why I enjoy reading is because it allows for the self to reflect. I see myself and others in the characters that are stuck inside the pages of novels and my brain. I reflect the plots of novels into my own life and get a new insight in what is life.

I look at book blogs create content, share their book reviews, and create a dialogue with other about books, and I feel like I’m missing out. That sort of activity is what inspired me to create this blog. Let’s Get Lit with Books may not be the best title, but I’m proud of it for now, and I’m sticking to it until further notice. I want everyone reading this to join me in reading all genres of books, and learn something new every day we read.

So here is my new posting schedule!

  • Quote of the Day. Everyday on twitter, @ReadingLit, I’ll be posting a daily literary quote at 6AM Pacific Standard Time. You can read my quote of the day on the blog’s side bar, or on our twitter account, @ReadingLit.
  • Weekly short story Sunday. Each Sunday I’ll be posting a short story review and recommendation. I’ve already done two and I’ve enjoyed it so much.
  • Monthly book reviews. I’ll certainly post more than one book a review per month, but for now I’m committing to once a month.
  • Book of the Month. This will be our very own online book club, starting January 2020! I’ll be announcing the book of the month the first of every month when I and others will join in reading the pick of the month, all month long.
  • And much more book content.

I hope I haven’t lost the few book readers I had, and have more following.


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