The Devil Wears Prada: The Movie Was Better Than The Book | Book vs. Movie Review

Significant Book vs. Movie Differences

Andrea doesn’t tell Miranda until the end that she wants to work for a newspaper, preferably the New York Times.At Andrea’s interview with Miranda, she tells her that her goal is write for a newspaper or a magazine.
Lily is a graduate student at Columbia University, studying Russian Literature. She’s also a drunk. In the book, she’s a major character.Lily is an artist and has an art show. In the movie, Lily is minor character.
Lily has more than one boyfriend. 
She has one boyfriend, and he is the other boyfriend. This boyfriend was sorta the “comic relief” to the film and the friend group.
Andy’s character is more dumbed down. In the book, she struggles a lot by following Miranda’s orders, she doesn’t think outside the box, she wears her heart on her sleeve. For example in the book, Andy gets only gets one copy of the new Harry Potter book. She also is terribly late with Miranda’s coffee, making it too cold for Miranda’s taste so she has to get another one.
Andy’s character is more believable and like-able. In the film you can see that Andy is strong worker, follows orders, and does her job correctly.
Andy first lives Lily in her small studio apartment, then lives with roommates, but then leases an apartment with Lily.
Andy lives with her boyfriend.
Nigel appears in the book twice in the book.Nigel appears more in the film. I perfer this character in the movie than the book. Nigel is Andy’s best friend, funny, and snarky.
Alex, Andrea’s boyfriend, is a teacher in a different state.Alex is chef at a restaurant in NYC.
Andy leaves Paris to be by Lily’s side as she is in deep coma. And also because she hates Miranda. Lily isn’t the reason why Andy leaves.
Miranda’s character is more of a bitch with her only catch phrase being, Ahn-dre-ah. In the book, it doesn’t show that Miranda works hard, it’s just a given. Miranda’s character is a bitch, but more of a boss ass bitch. She has many catch phrases, is smart, she has no filter, and works hard.
Andy gets to go to Paris to fill in Emily’s role because Emily has gotten mono.Andy gets to go to Paris because Emily gets hit by a car.
Andy leaves Paris, says fuck you to Miranda in the middle of a fashion show, and gets fired. In the book, this story gets published everywhere in the tabloids.Andy leaves by having a realization that fashion isn’t for her and quits in Paris
In Paris, Andy has a great time. Although she is working on this trip, she does have time to herself to get herself a message.In Paris, Andy is busy working and doesn’t have anytime whatsoever to herself. Other than the one-night stand.
In the epilogue, Andrea and Lily are living with Andrea’s parents, living off the rent of their NYC apartment.In the end, Andrea gets the job for a newspaper in New York because of Miranda’s recommendation.


The only similarities between the two is idea of the story, and Emily’s character. Both versions show Emily’s character as a snarky, no filter, and a hilarious fashionista.

Which Adaptation is Better? 

A combination of both. I love Andy’s and Miranda’s character in the movie, but I love both endings equally. I also loved the focus on romance in the film versus the book didn’t show that much. But if I had to choose, I would choose the movie. The movie has great acting, a great script, and beautiful visuals.

In Conclusion

Lauren Weisberger did that. Both of these adaptations are a great pair that go well with each other.


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