Call Us What We Carry: A Must Read

Release Date: December 7th, 2021

Page Count: 211

My rating: ★★★★★


A collection of poems based on the themes of moving on, unity, and the pandemic. Her poems use her unique style of separating the words, sentences, and creating images with words.

Thoughts + Reactions

Most of theses poems are really good!

What I like most about this book is that it’s not basic poetry like Rupi Kaur.

Her poetry seems more elevated. Keeping the same kind of sophistication like Maya Angelou and Emily Dickinson. While making that statement might be a stretch, Gorman really tried to mimic their writing styles, something modern poetry writers usually don’t do.

Her poems also feel very current, fresh, and captivating. I know not much want to read about the pandemic, but these poems offer a really nice insight on how Amanda Gorman views the current state we are in. She talks about masking, being isolated, and yet connected at the same time.

Do you recommend this book?

Yes! This is a must read for all poetry readers. It’s not too long, and the poems offer some really good. It also reads like a text book,

Favorite part:

We added a thousand false steps/ To our walk tracker today/ Because every step we’ve taken/ Has required more than we have to give.

Amanda Gorman

There’s also a part in the book where she references historical documents and connects them to the present day. It kept me engaged and made me feel like I was moving in time.

What part I didn’t like and this is how I would fix it.


Is the author worth the read?

Yes! Her poetry is really good. Everyone one can relate one way or another to her work.

Also, remember that cash grab of selling a book that had only one poem? Yeah well it’s in this book too, so no need to have both books.


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