How To Track Your Reading Habits on Notion: Notion Templates, Tips, and Tricks for Book Readers

Whether you are a college student, or a book nerd like me, we need a system of check and balances to keep us engaged with our reading habits. We have so books that we are reading and a simple notebook to track it all won’t do. This blog post is for the digital planners who love spreadsheets, lists, and bullet lists. For those who are pen and paper kind of person, you can read my bullet journal tracker post here.

Even if these templates aren’t for you, you can duplicate them into your notion account, and tailor the page to your liking!

Read more: How To Track Your Reading Habits on Notion: Notion Templates, Tips, and Tricks for Book Readers

Your Cozy Library Spreadsheet Galore

This is probably my favorite template here. This one comes from the Notion website itself.

On the top half, you see a dashboard view of your reading in one page. With a mellow song on the top, this template comes with links to pages to where you can create your own spreadsheets to the books you have on your bookshelf, collections, and your favorites. You also have access to your Goodreads, and story graphs followed next to two homey kind of library pictures. Then on the left you have a reading goal that creates a chart based on the spreadsheet below.

And then right below, you can keep track of the books you read along with the dates, rating, and arcs, and if you open the page to one of the entries, it atomically uses the template to write your own thoughts and feelings about the book. It reads just like a book diary.

The Spreadsheet of Multi-Readings

I created this notion spreadsheet for those who have mandatory readings to keep track of. This is for the college students who need to keep track of their readings all in one place.

I have also created different views so that you can view all of your readings, all the readings to do, and all the readings you’ve read.

The Reading Tracker

If you are really into writing keeping track of your books with loads of statistics, this is the template for you. The dashboard has trackers based on the genre’s you’ve read, and then by how almost complete you are with a book. It even tracks the articles you’ve read.

In the Bookshelf’s page you can keep track the page you are on along with a status bar that tells you how close you are to being done. This spreadsheet also allows you to keep track of the date and time you started and finish a book, for those who want to record those details.

Reading Habit Tracker

With this template, you can track your reading habits, along with other boring habits you wanna track.

The Bulletin Board of Books

This template uses a more simplistic and visual approach to the books you read. I like the idea of keeping your reading lists visual as it looks more of a never ending list of books you’ve read in your collection.

Just beware: you will have to do spend a lot of time finding and uploading the images into notion.


No matter what you choose, all of these templates will get all of your reading habits in order. Which one is your favorite? Let me know down in the comments section!

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